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Lessons Learned from Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Three dresses? A six-foot cake? Treasure-filled guest favors? Your own wedding celebration may not be as extravagant, but there is plenty to learn from Kim’s all-out, beautiful, wedding weekend.

If you’re planning your own nuptials or know someone who is, here are take aways from Kim’s wedding celebration!

Check how long you are allowed to party

The dancing on Kim’s big day was cut short when neighbors filed noise complaints with the police department. If you are holding an event at a home or residential area, be polite and let your neighbors know what’s going on. Throw in some baked goods or flowers. Even a curmudgeon will budge and be filled with understanding.  If you are in a hotel or event hall, be mindful of the time restrictions and ask about them before signing a contract.

Let them eat cake, or not?

Can’t afford the multi-layer designer cake? Think again. Take a cue from Kim and have a beautiful display cake! These styrofoam cakes are decorated on the outside with a sheet cake in the back to serve wedding celebration guests. You can have just the bottom few layers made of styrofoam with the top layers being actual cake. Since only a couple of layers of cake are needed you can bake those at home! Check out the how-to video on staging a cake.

Will your guests wear white?

Kim’s dress code was strictly black and white only. If what your guests will wear is important to you, let them know! State what kind of attire is required on either the save the date or the invitation itself (i.e. for a beach wedding, if you don’t want people showing up in t-shirts and flip flops, ask that they wear light weight pants and buttoned down shirts). Having a link to the look you like on your wedding page (that can be hosted for free on sites like that will help people understand what you are aiming for.

What to give?

Most couples getting married these days already have items they need for their household. If you receive items you already have (duplicates from the registry), consider donating the extras to charity. The new wedding gift trend is gifting money towards the honeymoon ( If that’s not your cup-of-tea, how about having your wedding guests donate to the charity of choice? As weddings should be, it’s a celebration of joy and bountifulness. Give to others and be filled with altruism and good will.

Being Mindful of your big day

In all the hustle and bustle of your wedding day do not forget what it actually means and what changes it will bring! Take a few, slow deep breaths and take note of the people around you that are there to celebrate you and your partners’ new life!

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