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Let Them Eat… Twinkies?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall
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The Infamous Twinkie

It is a dark time for many consumers of the infamous Twinkie and Hostess products. Hostess has announced that it is going out of business; though recent reports states that they are still working with the union and the government to avoid having to shut down for good.

This 82-year-old company has products that have been enjoyed by many American children and adults for generations. In an age of nutrition and consumer product knowledge, the age-old Twinkie may not be the healthiest household treat. These Hostess treats are loaded with sugar, fat, and calories. However, instead of shutting down, isn’t it time to re-invent Hostess?

Personally, I think someone should buy the company, innovate, and update these traditional delicacies. Other cookies and snacks manufacturers have shifted to low fat, low calorie, and more nutritious products. Why can’t Hostess do the same thing? I can see the New Twinkie, New Snowball, and other delicacies, with a byline suggesting that only one package be eaten in a week to encourage wellness and weight management — enjoy but it with moderation. On the packaging, Hostess could encourage their consumers to visit their website with innovative ideas and practices to support Mindful Health and Mindful Living Everyday in our families.

So you Twinkie lovers, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. For those of you who love the Hostess products, take your health-nutrition campaign and share it with the Hostess corporation. Save the company, save jobs, and save a piece of Americana.

(In lei of full disclosure, I have eaten one Twinkie in my life.)

Main article photo: Christian Cable / Flickr

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