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Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets

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Pets are not only our loving companions; they can also be our most valuable teachers. If we take a few steps to observe and learn from our four-legged friends we can further enrich our lives. Check out these five mindful animal life lessons.

Here are five Mindful Animal life lessons you can learn from your pets:


Whether they are herding sheep or fetching a ball, dogs get a sense of joy and satisfaction from the work that they do. And while not every worker loves their job, it is important for our emotional health to appreciate the positive aspects of our work. Also note that dogs usually get a treat for a good day’s work, so even if your boss is hesitant to hand out initiatives or rewards don’t hesitate in rewarding yourself for your good work.

Strong relationships

 Building a loving relationship between siblings, friends, or lovers can be a challenge. Yet, our pets make relationships seem easy with their exceptional lovable nature. Our pets know how to make us feel special. Dogs give us their undivided attention and are so enthusiastic when we finally come home from a long day of work. And cats certainly believe that a simple touch can go a long way. In fact, just a little pat on their head can have them purring in no time. If we took note of these types of pet behaviors and implemented them into our own relationships it could strengthen the bond over time.


 With our insecurities and our busy schedules, it’s hard to find the time to relax. On the other hand our pets know how to take care of themselves, especially cats. Cats understand the importance of staying fresh. They take special care with their grooming habits and take frequent naps whenever possible. We should follow their lead by taking long relaxing baths, investing in quality lotions and moisturizers, and getting lots of rest.

Purposed life

 With the monotony of work and regular, unchanging life routines sometimes we forget how precious life is and how fortunate we are. However, our pets know a great deal about living a purposed life. Animals generally find contentment in every aspect of life. Whether they are given table scraps or specially prepared meals, our pets remain happy, gracious, and content. They can also teach us to live a more balanced life that is full of work, play, and rest.

Joyful life

 Finding a reason to be joyful every day can be difficult for some, but it’s never a struggle for our pets. Animals are naturally curious and adventurous and we should follow their example. By seeking out new information and going to new places we can expand our knowledge and experiences; thus living a more joyful life. Our pets can also be just as happy with a cardboard box as they are with an expensive toy, so it’s important to remember that true joy can be found in the simple and small things in life.

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