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Live an Intentional Life®

In the introductory video of our Live an Intentional Life® series, you will be introduced to the ideas and concepts of living an intentional life. While learning the benefits that come from living an intentional life and you will as a result discover the simple tools of how to accomplish this.

Living an intentional life redefines our common notion of “success” by creating depth, meaning and purpose in our lives. True success is based on self-knowledge, balance, freedom and connection, whereas success today is often erroneously seen as the collection of wealth, beauty, or power. In a society driven by a pop culture with lofty benchmarks of athletic prowess, beauty and accumulation of wealth, we must ask ourselves: How happy are we really? How many happy people, including yourself, do you really know?

We must strive to experience a meaningful and intentional life everyday. What is missing in your life is not more stuff, or a new diet, or any form of physical accumulation. For example, a new car doesn’t truly help you. The things that are missing for many of us is the ability to see life in terms of meaning, balance and fulfillment.

What is intentional living?

Living intentionally means being aware of what creates passion within you, and putting your energy into that specific area. For example, try not allowing yourself to be distracted or defeated by everyday tasks or occurrences. Our feelings of powerlessness stem from doing nothing. By focusing on a project, no matter how small, helps you live an intentional life. As a result, it also helps to warm your heart and make the world a slightly better place. We invite you to watch our 3 part video series on Live an Intentional Life. If you’d like to learn even more, Dr. Hall explains this concept in great detail in her book, “Alter Your Life: Overbooked? Overworked? Overwhelmed?”.

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