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Pipeline Surf Cam in Oahu, Hawaii – LIVECAM

Welcome to the famous Banzai Pipeline, also known as Pipeline or Pipe, on the north shore of Oahu at Ehukai Beach. Panning from left to right, this live cam provides the best visual surf report for one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world.

Over the last few decades, Pipeline has remained as the premiere wave spot on the planet. Every year, Pipe hosts the final contest on the World Surf League circuit, the Billabong Pipe Masters. This event is considered the crown jewel of surf contests.

Surfers come from all over the world to surf Pipeline. Legendary surfers that have won the Pipe Masters include Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Gerry Lopez, Michael Ho and Shaun Tomson. In November and December, the world’s best surfers descend on the North Shore for the Vans Triple Crown and Billabong Pipe Masters competitions.

Common Questions & Answers

Why is it called “Pipeline”?

The Banzai Pipeline lies above a shallow but cavernous chain of underwater reefs. As waves rush toward the reef, large air bubbles rise from the caverns toward the water’s surface, creating enormous and picturesque barrel-like waves. Mike Diffenderfer, a surfboard shaper, observed that the waves looked like the massive concrete pipes he had seen in a nearby construction project–which is how Pipeline got its name.

How big are the waves?

Most of the waves at Pipeline reach a peak height of at least 12 feet, but 25- and 30-foot waves are not uncommon during large winter swells. The height of waves increases the further out they break. Viewers of the live Pipeline surf cam may notice waves breaking far out to sea. These waves are often nicknamed “cloud breaks” and are breaking on the “third reef” at Pipe.

When is the best time to surf at Pipeline?

The best time to surf Pipeline is in the winter. From November through February, long-period ground swells from the North Pacific inundate Oahu, providing consistently ideal waves for surfing. On a good day, there can be over 100 people competing for the perfect position in the tiny takeoff spot.

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