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Love is a Decision

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

February is the month of love. We are bombarded with concepts of love on television, in videos and on social media. Dictionaries offer definitions of love such as: “love is about sexual intercourse, pleasure or an object of affection or devotion.” Sadly enough most of us in our culture believe this is what love is.

I believe love is not just an emotion; it is a decision. Love is the commitment of reverent respect, kindness, devotion, and companionship to yourself and another. Whether it’s a marriage, family bond, friendship, or any other relationship, love survives the good, the bad, and the ugly, because love is the decision you have made.

I remember spending lots of time with my grandparents from both sides of my family.They didn’t kiss or hold hands all the time, but there was a glow of love and reverence each time their eyes met as they lived a long, rich life side by side. When the times got tough through death, loss, illness, job loss, betrayal, or difficulties, you could palpably experience love as a decision.

My love story

My first date with my husband was on Valentine’s Day 44 years ago. We have been through incredibly dark times, barren of happy emotions and pleasure, where our marriage almost fractured, but we remembered that love is a decision. We got help out of our darkness each time and we have consistently emerged renewed. Together we discovered a deeper more profound Divine love in each other.

So this Valentine’s Day and this February, the month of love, take some time after a family dinner or meal with a friend and discuss what love is to you. I challenge you to make the decision to love. Once you decide to love someone or something, don’t allow the winds of emotion and life’s circumstances to change your course.

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