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Make Your Own Garden Flower Tower

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Looking for a unique floral feature for your patio or garden? Consider a flower tower. With a few materials and free Saturday afternoon, you can make your own colorful flower tower. All you need are Mindful instructions.

Mindful gardens are made with dedicated attention to details. This means adding a variety of plants, colors, and textures to your gardens. Adding plants of various heights also adds “vertical interest to your landscape.” Height and structure in a garden is said to “create movement and dynamism, enhancing the way a garden is perceived and used.” And flower towers can be key to bringing this element to your garden or patio.

Feel like starting this Mindful Gardening summer project? Consider these flower tower instructions:

  1. Tools and materials:

    The project is very simple. You’ll need is a flowerpot to form the base of the flower tower. Landscape fabric and galvanized wire fencing (with wide openings, four to five inches) will be needed in order to create the actual tower. Zip ties will keep everything together. Tools such as scissors, a gardening spade, and tin snips will be needed. And, of course, you’ll need flowers and soil

  2. The right plants:

    You can use practically any plants for your flower tower. Flowers like marigolds, pansies, petunias, poppies, and zinnias look particularly beautiful in flower towers. If you’d rather plant fruits or vegetables consider strawberries, lettuce, broccoli, or peppers. You can also plant herbs like dill, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

  3. Create the tower:

    Use the wire fencing to create a cylinder (with a little overlap) so that can fit comfortably in the flowerpot. Cut off the excess wire with the snipes can fasten the cylinder together with zip ties. Then line the wire cylinder with a cylinder of landscape fabric. Have the fabric overlap the top of the tower and secure it with more zip ties.

  4. Fill the tower:

    When the tower is snuggly secured in the flowerpot fill the cylinder with soil and water (in stages). Alternate with some soil, then some water. Repeat until full and don’t forget to fill the base of the flowerpot. Then let the tower settle for some time.

  5. Add flowers:

    To add your plants to the flower tower first cut “plus signs” into the fabric, in the wire squares. You can then gently secure the seeds or young plants into the slots. Make sure the fit is snug and secure. You may find that you have spaces in your flower tower, but your plants should grow and fill them in over time.  

Bonus: Buy a flower tower. Feel hesitant about making your own flower tower? You can buy one at a modest price. Consider buying a flower tower that’s made of recycled polypropylene and then add up to 30 plants. Or you can consider a two-feet-long hanging flower tower, which could decorate porch. All you have to do is add the soil and plants.

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