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Matthew James: Ask and You Shall Receive

Asking for help is simple yet astoundingly hard for many people. Whether it’s thinking that no one would be willing to help or fearing the rejection of being told no, far too many people would rather suffer than reach out to others. Fortunately, we have an excellent example of what can happen when you brave your fears and reach out. Fourteen-year-old Matthew James, born without one hand, wrote to the head of Mercedes’ F1 racing team asking for help. James asked them to sponsor his limb in the same manner Mercedes’ racing team sponsors cars. Mercedes not only accepted the challenge, they spearheaded the fundraising and partnered with Touch Bionics resulting in the British teen receiving a $57,000 bionic hand. The “I-Limb Pulse” given to James has signals beamed from a mini-computer that makes the hand move in life-like ways and is even blue tooth capable.

Matthew James and his family are still raising the money to pay for the limb.

They are three-fourths of the way there. Please click here to donate to this courageous young boy and the support Mercedes F1 racing team for stepping up and facing this challenge.

One can only imagine how this gift is going to improve life for the person brave enough to ask for help. So hats off to the ingenuity of the Mercedes team and to Matthew James himself, a young man transformed by asking for help.

Main photo credit: Screenshot / YouTube


Check out Matthew James giving his new hand a try below.

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