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I Hope We Are Humans Not Alone

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Are We Alone in the Universe? There is more research to think we earthlings are alone in the universe. Some scientists have taken a new look at a physics theory called the Drake equation. They have added new factors and greater uncertainty to the traditional equation. The updated equation suggests we are alone in the universe.

Disillusioned Twilight Zone and Outer Limits Fans

I was devastated when I heard this theory that we may be alone in the universe. I was a devoted follower of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. We grew up believing that there is no doubt that there is other life in the universe besides us. I find comfort in knowing we have neighbors we don’t know sprinkled all over the galaxies. There is wonder in knowing other beings are inhabiting this magnificent creation. So this news was like a sucker punch in my heart.

Aliens Are Intelligent and Offer Hope

We earthlings just can’t seem to get it right. We battle with each other and are always at war with someone. We continue to destroy this holy, sacred, planet that is our Mother. We have less respect as time goes on for each other’s religion, country, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We only care about health care for people that can afford it and not about the millions who don’t.

I imagined aliens as being more intelligent, more strategic minded, more logical and less mean. Aliens would be less crude, more enlightened, and had transcended the seven Deadly Sins of which we humans continually mire.

If We Are Alone

So what if the Divine only created intelligent life on Earth. How absolutely terrifying! We continue to make a mess of this Divine gift. We earthlings still believe this Earth is like a toy we are to use for our enjoyment and pleasure. We do not have the reverent respect we should have for our Mother Earth who gives us life with every breath we take. We should experience awe every time we see the sun rise and set, as the seasons’ change and when we smell a new Spring rose.

Are we that special that the Divine only made us?  Are we the alpha and the omega? If we don’t get our act together, we are going to leave this earth as one filthy toilet. We can look at each other in the end and say that we shoulda, woulda, coulda, done something, but we didn’t.

The Mindful Living Movement Can Help Save Us

There is a healing, loving option to consider. We can learn to live mindfully in every aspect of our lives. Teach others in our family, at work, and in our world that when we live mindfully, we are saving our precious world. When we live mindfully, we live with reverent respect toward ourselves and every living thing on earth. We live with dignity, purpose, and meaning when we spread mindfulness around our sacred planet. Let us all join the Mindful Living Movement and become one human family to save our Mother. She gives us life so let us, please give life back to her.

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