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Meditation App Review

My favorite meditation app that I have used for many years is Insight Timer (Spotlight Six Software). This is my daily comfort blanket I go to come home to me. This is a great, easy, wonderful app to help you into a simple meditation practice that will transform your life.

Things I love about the Insight Timer App

  • Simplicity. This is like pushing the easy button. Everything is logical and simply displayed.
  • Timer. There is a timer you set for your daily practice that automatically comes up when you open the app. Lots of times I only have 10 minutes and not my usual 20 and you easily reset the timer.
  • Invitation. There is a nice choice of opening sounds, invitations, that you choose to lead you into your meditation.
  • Community. After your meditation, you can touch a button and see everyone around the world who is meditating on this app at the same time you are. I love this feature. It is so loving for me to know thousands of people around our planet are meditating with me. We are in a sacred space meditating together. Very cool feature.
  • Join a group. There are tons of groups you can join. I belong to a women’s meditation group, but you can choose to join any group or not.
  • Guided meditations. You can choose from many different types of meditations. It is important to identify with your teacher or group to help you keep doing your practice.
  • Journal. There is a journal that pops up after each meditation. If you choose you can keep a running short journal of how your meditation was for that day or what came up for you in your meditation. I love this feature.






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