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Mindful Hero: Vicki Thomas

by Dr. Kathleen Hall
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In October Officer Vicki Thomas of Miami-Dade County Police Department got the call to pick up a woman caught shoplifting at a grocery store. Jessica Robles, the mother of three children, had taken $300 worth of groceries to feed her hungry children.

The penniless mom was so desperate to feed her family she resorted to stealing the groceries and admitted that she would do it again because her children are starving. It was shocking when Officer Thomas decided, instead of taking Jessica to jail, that she would get $100 worth of groceries for the desperate mom.

Officer Thomas said taking Jessica to jail would not help feed her hungry children. The officer’s kindness inspired the people of Miami. People came forward with offers of food and money for Jessica and her four hungry children.

Officer Thomas is our Mindful Hero because she inspires us with her kindness, vision and love.

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