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Welcome to Mindful Living TV, produced by the Mindful Living Network. It's real life,  powered by real people! Here you'll find original programing from the Mindful Living Network® that's powered by real life content and infused with unique interactive shows.

What is Mindful Living TV?

You'll see exclusive series that we've created, like Cooking for Love and the Alter Your Life reality show series. You'll see videos from our user-submitted "TWIST" section. TWIST stands for 'The way I see it' and gives anyone, regardless of video or acting experience the chance to have their voice be heard. You'll also see some of the best, most inspiring, motivation and mindful videos we've found on YouTube in our Mindful Living Around the World section. We also have the Meditation Room where you'll find a collection of guided meditation videos with beautiful scenery that will help you de-stress and discover your center once in 5 minutes or less. There are sections like A.C.E Your Life where our founder, Dr Kathleen Hall explains her concept of ACE, the 3 key foundations a person needs to live a mindful life. There's even a "Learn about Mindful Living" section that contains videos made by the Mindful Living Group and Kathleen Hall that explain what mindful living is, ways to achieve it and more of the concepts the Mindful Living Network believes in.

What is Mindful Living TV?

If you have a video you like to see here, or you think we should film an exclusive series around you nd what you do, send an email to videos@mindfullivingnetwork.com. We'd love to hear from you and we're always looking for new and different ways to expand people's minds and make the world a better place, now and for future generations!

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