Morning Rituals to Start Your Day

Feeling exhausted at the end of each day? There’s a simple solution: re-examine your morning routine. Mindful morning rituals to start your day are just what you need. By starting your day on the right foot you will be able to lead a more productive and relaxing day.

7 Steps for a Mindful Morning Ritual

Make time

 Studies show that even partial sleep deprivation (4.5 hours) can make you vulnerable to morning stress. Try waking up a little earlier so you’ll feel rested and not panic in the morning. Also, try making a to-do list the night before, it will keep you from forgetting something important, reduce stress, and save you time.

Center yourself

Take the time to connect with yourself in the morning. Studies have shown that body-mind exercises can lower stress and fatigue levels. So, try connecting with your inner spirit or try relaxing your body. Consider having a moment of prayer, meditation, guided imagery, or a five-minute tea break.

Eat well

Why eat a meal in the morning? It’s been reported that people who eat breakfast are 89 percent less likely to be anxious when faced with a stressful situation. For breakfast consider staples like orange juice, cottage cheese, oatmeal, nuts, cantaloupe, and blueberries. They’re full of nutrients like antioxidants that can reduce stress.

Get moving

According to some research, people can reduce stress, elevate their mood, and stay focused by exercising regularly. Consider exercising after eating breakfast. You’ll get the boost you need to carry out your workout routine and you won’t feel sluggish. You can try taking a 10-minute walk around the block or consider exercises like yoga, stretches, or lifting weights.

Pamper yourself

Every morning we should strive to pamper ourselves with little luxuries. Relaxing showers, aromatic soaps, and luxurious towels are just some examples. This is a great way to relax in the morning and reduce stress throughout the rest of the day.

Drink water

After eating breakfast consider washing it all down with a glass of water. It’s a great way to start the day because it can speed up your metabolism and give you an energy boost. Drinking a glass of water in the morning will also help reduce your stress since dehydration can lead to strain.

Share the love

Before you leave your home in the morning don’t forget to connect with the ones you live. Give the kids an extra big hug, kiss your partner, or give your dog a scratch behind the ears. This will not only ensure that your day starts off with love, but it can also help them start off on the right foot as well.

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