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    • financial wellness month, financial wellness
      Financial Wellness Month
      January 25, 2019
      It's a new year and Financial Wellness Month, which means you can make a fresh start with your finances. January is the perfect time for a financial check-up. Get Your...
    • It’s Time To Feed Your Soul
      January 22, 2019
      “Plan Your Vacation Day” is January 29 It’s time to begin planning your vacation to feed your soul. Jan 29th is Plan Your Vacation Day.  Did you know we have...
    • The Dangers of Loneliness
      February 5, 2019
      Relationships and community are as essential as water, food, and air. Connection with others is essential for our survival and it is a core human need. When it comes to...
    • Homemade Oatmeal Cookies
      February 2, 2019
      Sometimes a cookie just makes the day better... Instead of eating a cookie that you'll feel guilty about later, why not try one of the healthier types of cookies, like...
    • Techfleunza Is On The Rise
      January 22, 2019
      Technology may be short-circuiting your mental and physical health and phone addiction is on the rise. Do You Have Nomophobia? Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your mobile...

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