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The Coolest Summer Sports

If you’re looking for something special to do this summer, something fun and out of the ordinary, then consider taking up a unique sport. There are tons for you to choose from. Last week we highlighted quidditch, disc golf, and pooh sticks. This week we highlight the two coolest summer sports.

Try out the coolest summer sports

Underwater Hockey

This sport is ideal for avid swimmers who are looking for a challenge. This game requires speed, precision, and great swimming skills.

Underwater hockey is like a water version of ice hockey or soccer. The game is played with two teams of six using special sticks to slide and shoot a weighted underwater puck across the pool floor into goals set up on both ends. To play the game each person is equipped with swimming fins, special swimming masks, ear protectors, gloves, and the special sticks used for scoring points. Although the game is played underwater you don’t have to hold your breath for long. According to USA Underwater Hockey, the average player is only under water for five to fifteen seconds at a time.

This game is played throughout the country and throughout the world. In fact, there are world championships held every two years. If you or your children interested in learning more check to see of there is a local club in your area.

Bike Polo

If you’re good on a bike and you’re looking for a challenge, try bike polo. Polo has been played with elephants (and later horses) since 525 AD, and bike polo (also known as cycle polo) is a modernized version of the sport. The idea of bike polo dates back to 1891. It was first played in England and later spread around the world—it was even played in the Olympics. Today, there are at least 15 countries that play the sport.

Cycle polo is a fun game you can enjoy on an inside and outside court. Bike polo players usually invest in special bikes, with a front brake and flat handlebars. Players also need special bike polo mallets and headgear since collisions do happen. While it takes some coordination, it’s a game your kids will love.

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