Move over Tooth Fairy! Here comes the Nail Fairy

by Andrea Greengard
The Nail Fairy (otherwise known as Martina Ngo)

The Nail Fairy (otherwise known as Martina Ngo)

Move over Tooth Fairy – Here comes the Nail Fairy! Most people hope to be the kind of person that walks into a room and as a result is greeted with cheers and makes everyone happy. This is always the case for the Nail Fairy, otherwise known as Martina Ngo.

 This fairy’s specialty is manicures and she has some special clientele. Twice a month, Martina Ngo dons a sparkly green and blue tutu with glittery fairy wings and visits the MultiCare Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in Tacoma, Washington.

At the hospital, the Martina works for free. “I always wanted to help,” say Martina. “There’s times that they cry or something hurts,” she says, “They might not feel good, but I try to think positively and maybe positive things will happen.”

She has been volunteering at this Tacoma-area Children’s Hospital for the last three months, painting the nails of young football fans in Seahawks colors, green and blue.  As a result, these manicures are a mood changer.

If you’d like to help stock the Nail Fairy’s supplies, click here to donate.

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