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New Zealand: Human Chain Saves Lives

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It only took a few seconds for a 12-year-old boy to begin to drown in the vicious surf of a New Zealand beach. Constable Bailey was on the beach and acted immediately when he saw the boy was drowning. The moment he jumped into the surf to save the boy he realized the tremendous waves were about to drown him too.

Thank heaven another police officer arrived and began to organize the onlookers on the beach to form a human chain. Over a dozen people on the beach held each other’s hands tightly in the sturdy human chain that reached from the beach into the massive surf to save the life of the young boy and Constable Bailey. The rescuers worked on the lifeless young body of Josh McQuoid. Josh proceeded to regain his strength and health at a local hospital thanks to the chain of mindful heroes who selflessly stood hand in hand to save the life of a stranger.

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