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Rewrite Your Story: Discover the Simple Power of Authentic Happiness

Happiness Is an Inside Job

This year if you want to live your life experiencing happiness and balance I invite you to experience your world from the inside out.

You were created to experience a life of happiness, but how many of us have that experience?  The opportunity to live a life in balance and happiness is the promise of all major religious and spiritual texts.  We spend our lives spending untold amounts of money and time chasing after this elusive goal.   The quest for real happiness goes back to the ancient philosophers Plato and Aristotle. The great theologians have sought this prescription for thousands of years.

Get Off Your Modern Treadmill

Happiness, many of us believe, is inextricably linked to wealth and status.  We have traditionally measured  real happiness through our accumulation of possessions such as trendy clothes and cars, fine jewelry, homes in the best neighborhoods.  These are the things we work for, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

In the modern culture, we tend to think we can find real happiness “out there,” at the mall, in the gym, or in a bottle in our medicine cabinet.  All we need is a thinner body, a better job, a new relationship, or more successful children.  We think if we throw enough money at the problem, one morning we will wake up happier.  But if money could buy happiness, the rich and famous would not be a constant source of material for the tabloids with their sagas of addiction, betrayal, bankruptcy, and shame.

Still, we continue to work harder and consume more. As we spend more and more time in the workplace, many of us struggle to raise a family at the same time.

Poisons To Your Happiness

Stress levels have escalated in our children, teenagers, college students and the elderly because of peer pressures and unhealthy lifestyle habits.  Social isolation, loneliness, and erosion of the family are causes of stress.  These days we suffer from the loss of sources of social support. We know the connection to others lowers stress levels.  Technology overload increases the stress in our lives, too many emails, cell phone calls and addiction to playing computer games.

Go For Real Authentic Happiness 

Opportunities for balance, real happiness, and strength exist in every minute of the day, but most us have lost the ability to recognize the happiness waiting to be discovered in the simple moments of our lives.  We have lost sight of our guiding star in a sea of distractions. We have lost our connection to our true source of happiness. Happiness is your natural gift.

Tips To Create Your Happiness


Begin the practice of intentionally smiling.  Scientists studying facial expressions tell us that when a person has a smile on their face, they release more serotonin and endorphins, happiness hormones, than non-smilers.  Thich Nhat Hanh and his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, are adamant that a smile is the first step to a life of mental, physical and spiritual health.  Begin a practice of smiling to shift any situation into an optimistic opportunity.


Happy people have a good sense of humor and laugh, especially at themselves. Laugh as often as possible to release the healing hormones endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.  Instead of having a drink or playing a mindless computer game for your stress, you can download a funny movie, or go online to a humorous site daily and share it with our co-workers. Laughter lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and boosts your immune function.


Happy people are playful. Re-establish “childlike” qualities.  Science tells us when we play it increases our immune cells that combat disease.  Playfulness also increases creativity and optimism at home and at work. Set your schedule to remind you to play during the week. Don’t put personal or family play time off.


It is essential that we focus on the health of our bodies. When you care for your physical body, you create greater possibilities for your happiness. Your body is your greatest asset, so please care for it tenderly. See our S.E.L.F. Care Program.


Happy people have developed spiritual practices that nourish their heart, mind, and soul.  Discover what brings your soul passion, love, and fulfillment.  Have you explored other religions or spiritualities? Try to find classes or a teacher in something that excites you. Your spirituality is what roots you in your life.

Altruism and Philanthropy

Happy people know a generous soul lives a rich, abundant life. Altruism neutralizes negative emotions that affect immune, endocrine and cardiovascular function.  Altruism creates physiological responses or “helpers high” that makes people feel stronger and more energetic and counters harmful effects of stress.


Happy people know forgiveness sets the soul free. A famous person said, “Living with resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to get sick.”  Open your heart to the gift of happiness by letting go of pain, judgment, anger, and resentment. If you can’t forgive then get some help from a counselor, a group, or read up on forgiveness.

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