One of my friends calls me Debbie Downer because I tend to be pessimistic. She said thinking positive is healthy. Is she right?

Positive self-talk and positive thinking does have health benefits. Research shows it lowers your stress, boosts your immune system and increases your life span. Try these tips to learn how to be more positive:

  1. Awareness. Become aware of your thoughts. Be honest with yourself about your negative thoughts. Don’t judge you. Smile and be compassionate and curious.
  2. Laugh. When you begin to look at what you are thinking more objectively it can really be funny. Approach the positive thinking process with humor.
  3. Community. Hanging around positive, optimistic people makes it easier to do so yourself . Pretty soon you will have a inner guidance that steers you away from negative people and toward positive people.
  4. Positive affirmations. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself. I am happy – I am grateful – I am blessed.