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Optimism: Your All-Natural Stress Reliever

positive thinking, shot of optimism

Need a health boost? Maybe all your body needs is a shot of optimism.

A study published in the Health Psychology journal examined the levels of cortisol ( a stress hormone) in over a hundred adults. They found that those who were pessimistic had a higher stress baseline than optimists. Pessimistic participants also had difficulty lowering their cortisol levels when experiencing above an average amount of stress. On the other hand, optimistic participants had a low-stress baseline and they kept their cortisol levels stable when experiencing large amounts of stress.

Optimism can do more than lower stress. Other studies have found that positive thinking can lower risk of depression and lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Optimism has also helped people lead longer and healthier lives.

Tips for Positive Thinking

Need a shot of optimism? Listed below are some Mindful tips for staying optimistic.

  1. Stop negative self-talk. Positive self-talk can be a great source of motivation, energy, and optimism. Unfortunately, thinking positively about yourself may be challenging as many of us have been engaged in negative self-talk for much of our lives. You can change this negative habit through training. Begin today by becoming aware of any negative thoughts you experience during the day. Replace your negative thoughts with kind reflections.
  2. Get a healthy dose of self-love. Let your new positive thinking expand to others areas of your life. Love yourself by taking long, luxury baths and eating yummy, but healthy foods. Go to bed early. Splurge on a small item you’ve wanted to buy. Treat yourself special because you are special.
  3. Laugh it off. Laughter is a special kind of medicine that can truly boost your mood and reduce your stress. Take time to get together with some friends or coworkers. Catch a funny movie, or watch funny trending video clips online to laugh together with friends. Play board games or games online to play, laugh and have fun together. The more you laugh the better you’ll feel.
  4. Good company is important. Be mindful of the company you keep. Negativity can be contagious like a virus, but fortunately, optimism can be just as contagious. Spread your optimism, happiness, and hope to the negative people around you.
  5. Surround yourself with positivity. Surrounding yourself with positive people is only the beginning. Don’t forget to surround yourself with positive words and pictures as well. Fill your home or office with pictures that bring forth great memories. Consider posting an inspirational quote near your computer or bathroom mirror. If you need a little help you can find over 150 Mindful inspirational quotes here.

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