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Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas

by MLN Staff
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Having a little trouble coming up with original gift ideas for that someone special? Why not try thinking for out of the box gift ideas this year? Mindful gifts are a creative and thoughtful alternative that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy.

Listed below are some out of box gift ideas that will warm their hearts.

For the Kids, Teens, College Students, and Recent Grads

Give the kids the gift of reading with a personalized book that includes their name in classics from Peter Pan to Alice in Wonderland. Buy that special teen a graphic tee from WARdrobe Army Apparel and a 100 percent of the profits go to Salvation Army projects. Give a college student a gift card to a campus bookstore or Amazon.com for textbooks. Buy a recent grad a gift that will really warm their hearts like paying a month of utility bills.

For the Co-worker, Neighbor, and Friend

If you’re looking for a present for a co-worker or a neighbor, create a meditation basket filled with eucalyptus candles, meditation CDs, stress release balls and an assortment of teas. Visit The Teachers Wife for gift ideas. If you have a stressed friend, treat them to a relaxing yoga class or for a deep tissue massage.

For the Philanthropist, Environmentalist, and Adventurer

Consider donating to your humanitarian friend’s favorite charity as a gift. For the environmentalist, give them a fair trade treat or a trip to a green bed and breakfast. For that thrill seeker consider giving a gift certificate to a NASCAR test drive or a skydiving experience. They’ll have fun and can cross something off their bucket list.

For Newlyweds, Family Elders, and the Whole Family

Wrap gift cards to home improvement stores, home furnishers, and grocery stores for the happy newlyweds. If you know of a deserving family that could really use a vacation you could offer to help pay for their plane tickets. For your family elders offer the gift of assistance. Help them around the house or organize family treasures and help chronicle your family history. Get your kids involved in making handcrafted cards and gifts.

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