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Pet Lovers Apps

by MLN Staff
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Mindful pet owners love their animals even when they are a handful of trouble. Fortunately, everyone can turn to technology for a little extra help as they care for their furry friends. With these free pet lovers apps that come with special pet gadgets, everyone can ensure their pets’ health and happiness.

Here are a few Mindful pet lovers apps for pet owners:

Digital monitoring

Apps make it easier to monitor your pets when you’re away. With the iCam app you’ll receive notifications and be able to watch over your pets. Find out more here. With a special collar and the Tagg app, you can track your pet with a GPS signal in case they get lost.


 Use apps to invest in your pet’s diet. Thinking about preparing your own healthy meals for your dog? Consider iKibble, which will tell you what dogs can and cannot eat. Does your pet need to loose weight? The Raw Pet App will help you count pet carbs and calories.


 You can use apps to ensure that your pets stay healthy. Petoxins app will tell you which plants are toxic to your pets. The Pet First Aid app will help you in case of emergencies like animal bites, pet CPR, and poisoning. And the Pet Chatz app will help you keep track of vet appointments, medications, allergies, and other important records.

Pet-friendly resources

 Looking for local pet services like a groomer or vet? Consider the PetMD sponsored app, Pet Services Finder. To locate pet-friendly places like parks, hotels, and restaurants try the Petcentric app.


Tablet or iPad games aren’t just for adults and kids; they can be loads of fun for pets too. Touch Paw is a video game app that allows pets to swipe the screen. There are settings for cats (with fish targets) and dogs (with bone and cat targets). There’s also the Game for Dogs app with squirrel targets and Cat Fishing 2 app with glowing fish targets.


Having trouble training your adorable puppy? There are apps for that. To learn the basics of various training styles consider the Puppr app. Using sounds and treats to train your dog? There are tons of apps to choose from. Consider iSqueek for a squeaky toy sound, Dog Clicker Training for the classic clicking sounds, or Dog Whistle in which you can choose your own frequency.

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