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Pick Up America: Zero Waste Initiative

Our Mindful Hero this month is Pick Up America, facilitated by Jeffrey Chen and Davey Rogner. They came to our attention when we saw them on television parading across America cleaning up the trash and garbage from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States. These committed young mavericks are passionate and brilliant. They want to create awareness of the trash we create in America, inspire stewardship of our planet, and live sustainability by example.

In 2011, Pick Up America bought a bus, which runs on waste fryer oil. They built bunks for sleeping and crafted small living quarters in their bus. They work and live on the road traveling across America cleaning up our nasty roads littered with our trash. You can travel with Pick Up America by following through their blogs, webcasts, videos, and photos and their posts of Facebook and Twitter. Let’s cheer them on and offer our own help when they come to our neighborhood. If they are not coming to your neighborhood you may want to contact them and see how you can join the cause.

You can donate, become a corporate sponsor or purchase eco-friendly merchandise at their site. Help at

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