Polishing the New Year

I woke up this New Year’s Day and as I was drinking my coffee when I noticed that the silver service in the dining room was in severe need of polishing. It is the first day of 2015 so I decided to use the tarnished silver as a metaphor for myself. The coffee pot was black, dull and dead looking. I jumped up and grabbed the silver cleaner that was tucked in the rear of the cleaning cupboard where it has lived in seclusion and isolation. I decided to use this New Year experience as a mindful practice that would keep me in the present moment, develop my awareness and it would guide me to more patience. As I rubbed the silver coffee service, I sent reverent gratitude and respect to all the people who have cleaned silver for centuries.

Cleaning silver is not a glorious job. As my hands turned black from the tarnish and that silver began shining, I pretended the same thing was happening to my life in 2015. At the end of my polishing experience, I smiled as I looked at my reflection in the silver service. Yes, it is 2015 and I left all my tarnish behind in 2014. I feel aware, bright and highly prized and I am ready to begin a New Year.

Are you ready to rub the tarnish off and begin the dance of life again?

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