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Preserving Food at Its Peak

In previous times preserving food was not a luxury but an essential necessity for survival. You either preserved your food or you perished.

I began canning again when I saw my daughters growing up and I feared they might not learn the gift of knowing how to preserve food as my grandmother and mother taught me. I began canning with my husband and children many years ago. We have treasured memories of being sticky, covered with tomatoes or applesauce until the wee hours of the morning. The laughter we have shared as the pressure cooker whistled and someone slipped on a tomato or apple peel.

So if you haven’t tried canning or preserving food do it today. You can go to a WalMart, Kmart, Home Depot or many other places to gather your canning supplies.

For information on how to can you can go online or purchase Canning and Preserving Food Magazine. I found one at Lowe’s at the check out line. Check with your county extension agent and there are canning classes in your county somewhere. Or maybe find some domestic goddess in your neighborhood who cans and ask her/him if you can help them can and learn as you watch.

I promise you this is a rich time honored human ritual that you are going to love. Canning is a gift to be treasured and shared.

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