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R.E.L.A.X. Your Budget

Key U.S. indexes are spiking up and down like a roller coaster with no brakes. This immense volatility affects pension plans, mutual funds, savings, and company stocks. These financial jitters are fueled by people worried about losing their jobs, not being able to provide for their families,or whether or not they can weather the storm. Research tells us the number one stressor for all of us is financial stress. This financial situation is going to be a long term condition that will take time to correct. It is important for people to calm down, take a deep breath  R.E.L.A.X. your budget. Take measures to help the situation and protect your health.

R.E.L.A.X. when it comes to dealing with money and your budget:

  1. R= Rest. Create a “mental escape” when you are stressed by focusing your attention on your favorite vacation, memory, or relaxation spot.
  2. E= Exercise. Doing something as simple as chewing gum helps with stress, increases memory, and controls appetite.
  3. L= Love. Connections with ourselves and others reduce stress. Connect with yourself through your feet. Take off your shoes and rub your feet on the floor. This simulates over 200,000 nerve endings, one of the densest concentrations on the body. Our nerve-dense soles are our tactile contact with the physical world and without them, we lose equilibrium and become disoriented.
  4. A= Animals. Do you have a pet? Go out and play with your dog or cat Keep a picture of him/ her on your table when you are at work/ Studies show our pets can ward off depression, lower blood pressure and boost immunity.
  5. X= Express yourself. Surround yourself with smells, sounds, and objects that make you feel calm and relaxed. Light a scented candle a work or listen to calming music. Squeeze a stress ball, release energy through movement.

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