Reach Deep: Outrageous Gifts for Every Occasion

The general philosophy of gift giving is that the thought behind the present is what truly counts. However, this doesn’t stop individuals from giving luxurious gifts to loved ones. In fact, many companies have created truly amazing and outrageous gifts for a very limited clientele.

Listed below is a fun and outrageous gift ideas for those with a well-endowed bank account.

The proposal

Planning to propose? You could buy a ring from your local mall’s jewelry store or you could think bigger. Switzerland’s Shawish Jewelry created the world’s first all-diamond ring (diamond band and all). It’s 150-carats and costs only $70 million.

Baby shower

 If you plan on attending a baby shower and are looking for a unique gift consider a very special pacifier. One of the world’s most glamorous pacifiers from BabyWit is made with 14-karat gold and diamond studs. It costs $17,000.

Valentine’s Day

 Boxes of chocolate are standard; yet, there’s a way for you to beat expectations. Lake Forest Confections created Le Chocolate, the gourmet chocolate box. Along with chocolate, the box featured pieces from Simon Jewelers including emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. It cost $1.5 million.

Honoring 21st birthdays

For a 21st birthday celebration, consider the La Ley del Diamante. It’s one of the world’s most expensive bottles of tequila. It comes in a platinum and diamond bottle which costs $1.5 million.

Father’s Day

 Don’t bother buying a tie for Father’s Day. The famous Italian company called Aurora crafted a pen made of 30 karats of diamonds and solid platinum. At $1.47 million your dad’s writing masterpiece will certainly be the talk of the water cooler.

Mother’s Day

 For Mother’s Day give your mom the gift of fragrance with a very special perfume. Clive Christian has a luxurious brand of fragrances, but one of their most expensive scents is Imperial Majesty for Women. It costs $435,000.

For four-legged friends

 If you got a furry best friend why not honor them with a special gift of their own? i Love Dogs Diamonds is a company that can help with your luxury collar needs. One of their collars (called Amour, Amour) features 1,600 diamonds and 18-karat white gold. It costs $3.2 million.

Take a Mindful Approach Instead

These outrageous gifts go above and beyond what a Mindful life really requires. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to celebrate a special occasion, try one of these Mindful Gift ideas.

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