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Reclaim the Feminine In Your Life

Since ancient Greece and throughout the ages in all cultures, religions, and spiritualities, people have celebrated femininity.

When I was at Emory, the theology of the Amma, the holy mother governing the early monasteries, fascinated me. The Amma is the CEO of the monastery. She is in charge of the spiritual, economic, and logistical existence of each female monastic group. People revere the Amma with great honor and respect. There has always been a Divinity associated with the concept of the feminine, women, and mothers.

How have we lost our way in modern culture? Do we really think, dress, and imagine ourselves and our daughters as holy and sacred anymore? These days we are obsessed with the latest diet, fashion, makeup or haircut, and in many ways, these things make us feel whole. It is an elusive dark hole we seem to seductively travel. Hence, each of us should begin now to reclaim our blessing of the feminine.

Embracing the Amma

This month of May we are being called home to our true holy feminine being. Begin today by:

  • Honoring your ancestral mothers from your past. Say a prayer of thanks for their lives and sacrifice. If you live close to their graves take a flower to show your reverence for their lives.
  • Lunch. Also, call the women in your life and celebrate at a luncheon this month. Laugh, tell stories and celebrate the gifts of life you all share in your life’s journey.
  • Media. Be aware of the depiction of women in advertisements or in the media. Your voice is powerful. Become an activist and use your activism to express your acceptance or distaste of depictions of women in ads, magazines or on their television shows.
  • Dress. Lastly, remember to dress with class, power, and grace. Your exterior speaks volumes about how you feel about being a woman.

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