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Recycled Garden Decor Ideas

by MLN Staff
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Gardens can be rather spiritual spaces. The thriving plants and little animals not only represent life but new beginnings as well. This sense of rebirth gives them the perfect environment for recycled garden décor. With a few recycling ideas, former waste like plastic bottles and pieces of glass can be “upcycled” and become beautiful garden accessories for any outdoor space.

Listed below are some Mindful Green Living recycled garden décor ideas for you to consider

  1. Birdhouses. Make the birds in your neighborhood feel welcomed in your garden with handcrafted birdhouses. You can make the perfect birdhouse for your porch from an empty milk carton. Or make a birdhouse from an old teapot that’s mounted vertically on a wood platform.
  2. Flowerbeds/ flowerboxes. A unique flower feature can really make your garden standout. So, forget the usual flower beds and flower boxes and consider the unusual. Have an old toolbox? With the right modifications, it could make a great flower box. If you prefer a large flowerbed consider taking a trip to your local junkyard and planting beautiful blooms in an old bathtub.
  3. Garden markers. Have you already forgotten which seeds you’ve just planted in your garden? Maybe you should consider garden makers. You can make your own with old wine corks, sticks, and permanent markers. You can also use popsicle sticks or old spoons as well.
  4. Pathways. Skip the typical stones and bricks for your garden pathway. Look for items around your house that you can “upcycle” instead. For instance, you can recycle your glass bottles, turning them into an eclectic garden path.
  5. Water features. Want to add a water feature to your garden? You can make your own from materials you can find in the back of your old toolshed. You can make a water garden feature from an old ice bucket and a metal watering can that you no longer use.
  6. Wind chimes. A wind chime adds a mystical musical element to any garden. But consider making your own with simple materials you can find around your house. Consider making wind chimes with metal bottle caps. Or try making wind chimes from old silverware.

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