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Renewal Rituals for Dealing with Finances

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We’re living in a rather stressful time, financially speaking. The Pew Research Center has found that the wealth inequality gap has widened in the US, since our recent recession. This is creating a lot financial stress for Americans. So, to reduce this stress, it’s important to build resilience.

In 2008, over 80 percent of Americans were stressed by money. That wasn’t a surprise due to the financial crisis, the collapsing job market, and the flattened housing crisis that was impacting the country at the time. Things have gotten only slightly better since 2008. A 2014 American Psychological Association (APA) survey found that 72 percent of Americans are stressed by money. This eight percent decrease is great, but not enough.

Financial stress can negatively impact your life. It is one of the top problems in most marriages, and it can affect your health. In fact, $22.8 billion is spent on anxiety-related healthcare each year. In an APA survey, 62 percent of Americans were stressed about work and this stress can impact the office. It is said that one in four Americans take a “mental-health” day to cope with stress. These “mental-health” days added up. Work stress contributes to work loss—275 million workdays are lost in the US each year due to absenteeism, and this costs employers an average of $602 per worker.

If you are experiencing stress you’ll need tips. Stress resilience can be developed by engaging in simple Renewal Rituals. Learn to control yourself with S.E.L.F. Care tips.

Ideas for 5-Minute Renewal Rituals:

  • Meditation. First, focus your mind and moderate your breathing. You can meditate by focusing on an object, mental image, or a sound. The goal is to focus on the present.
  • Buddy system. Confide in a friend.
  • Ecotherapy. Go outside in order to relieve financial stress. Ecotherapy can consist of any outdoor activity. You can take a walk in nature, go bird watching, work in your garden, or go for a swim.
  • Listen to calming music. Increase your serotonin levels.
  • Laugh. Watch a comedy clip online and let the laughter out.
  • Move. Play and exercise produces endorphins and serotonin.

While these 5-Minute Renewal Rituals® are simple, they are scientifically proven to reduce stress.

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