It’s Time to Retreat, Review, Renew

Take Stock of Your Past and Future

You are at the end of year. Another year of your life is over! Don’t carry the mindless habits that bring you unhappiness, stress, and worry into the new year instead follow our New Year-New Year reflection tips.

Tips to Retreat, Review, and Renew Now

  1. Retreat. Take at least 10 minutes alone each day for the rest of this year.  I know it is a busy time of year, but you are the CEO of your precious life and it’s time to take responsibility for it. Retreat for 10 minutes, take a few deep breaths, pull out a notepad and write two headers: “Habits that create stress, unhappiness, and worry in my life,” and “Practices that bring happiness, peace, and energy into my life.”
  1. Review. This is your time, so focus on an honest review of your life. What negative habits would you like to leave behind this year and not take into the new year? What nurturing practices would you like to include in your New Year? Create lists under the two headers. Keep your notepad at your side or keep the notes on your phone.
  1. Renew. Do a guided imagery and imagine a dog shaking off the water after it gets wet. Read your list of negative habits and then shake this heavy negativity off, just like the dog shakes off heavy water. Now read your list of loving practices that make you happy and energized. Look upward, open your arms wide, take a deep breath and repeat how you will love yourself in the new year.

Stop regularly for the rest of this New Year and repeat your reflection practices as you renew your mind, body, and soul.

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