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Robin’s Nest at the Bird Sanctuary at Oak Haven

This video was taken on my farm at Oak Haven®. It’s so meditative to watch the precious movement of these newborns and a last remaining egg, barely cracked, with a baby bird ready to feel the warmth and love of this world. Would you like to create a bird sanctuary in your own backyard? Check out the tips listed below.

Bird Sanctuary Tips

  • Beware of predators. Make sure that there are no feral or stray cats around. Prey animals like birds will instinctually fear being around.
  • Buy a birdhouse. Place your bird boxes eight feet off the ground (on a tall wooden pole, if possible).
  • Clean the bird boxes. Get a birdhouse that opens easily. These houses must be cleaned out and disinfected after nesting every year.
  • Get a bird feeder. Put up bird feeders within 100 feet of the birdhouse. Use the food for the bird you want to attract. You can make your own bird feeders with this Mindful DIY project. All you need is citrus peels, peanut butter, and birdseed.

I feel so blessed being surrounded by nature’s beauty and its gift of life animals. I hope you use these tips to experience nature’s beautiful blessings yourself and build a beautiful bird sanctuary.

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