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S.A.D. on Valentine’s Day

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During this time of year, love and romance seems to be the topic of every conversation. That’s great for committed couples, but what about those happy and not-so-happy singles? Fortunately, there is Singles Awareness Day. Individuals celebrate their single hood with holidays known as Anti-Valentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day (with the unfortunate acronym of S.A.D.). This holiday is usually celebrated around Valentine’s Day, either on February 13th, February 14th, or February 15th. Individuals can celebrate this holiday with a ton of merchandise from anti-Valentine’s greeting cards and gifts to S.A.D. parties.

Many people mistakenly consider Anti-Valentine’s Day to be about self-pity, when in reality it’s a time for self-empowerment. If you’re celebrating Single Awareness Day this year instead of Valentine’s Day.

Consider these Mindful Mate® tips for embracing single life:

Set goals

Use this time in your life to set goals for yourself. Consider setting career goals to better your professional experience and work-life balance. Or consider setting health goals, so you can better your emotional health by strengthening you physical health.

Boost your self-esteem 

Be extra kind to yourself this Single Awareness Day. Increase your confidence by creating a list of your strengths like physical traits and talents. Or consider writing your own mission statement for what you hope to achieve with your life.    

Discover yourself

 It’s been said that we usually define ourselves in terms of our relationships (father, wife, etc.), but being single gives us the opportunity to get to know ourselves beyond these roles. In order to further connect to yourself, consider trying new experiences like traveling to new places, taking up new hobbies or learning new, vital skills (like home improvement).

Pamper yourself

 Use this Anti-Valentine’s Day to treat yourself to a sweet snack or lovely present. If gifts aren’t in your budget and you aren’t really in a party mood, consider staying in this Singles Awareness Day and having a spa night. Create your own organic, cost efficient spa products with these Mindful ideas.

Bonus: celebrate friendships instead

One example is a holiday that was featured on the NBC television show Parks and Recreations known as Galentine’s Day. In the show, the lead character Leslie created Galentine’s Day on February 13th as a way to celebrate all her female friends, single or taken. Here’s a fun video clip and party tips for Galentine’s Day parties.

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