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Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Are you ready to retreat to heaven on earth? This is an adventure that will entertain and give you the opportunity to discover the magnificent beauty and serenity of nature. There’s a whole world of wonder waiting for you if you choose to voyage to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. Visiting Salt Spring Island  was one of the greatest vacations we have ever taken.

Why Salt Spring Island?

How can you begin to describe splendor and breathtaking sight of this place. The sapphire sky, azure water, and beautiful sail boats, yachts, and float planes in the Ganges Bay were breathtaking. The Hastings House is one of the most intimate and quaint places on earth. I thought we were in a little old village in Ireland with ancient trees, stone-walled water wells, and gorgeous flowers coiffured mindfully as in a Queen’s palatial gardens.

The cuisine is exquisite and each meal has plenty of  vegetables and fruit from their own garden, which the chef picks daily. Talk about mindful! The rooms are inviting and comfy.  Each morning you can find a basket of warm scones, muffins, coffee, or tea at your front door quietly. We took our basket to our lovely back porch and feasted on rich coffee with warm muffins. Watched the precious sheep in the pasture next door dine on their morning fare.

Our family can’t wait to go back. The people are tender, genuine, and just plain out of this world. You can renew, regenerate, and reconfigure your life here.

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