‘See the Sunset’: Mokulua Islands, Hawaii

by Andrea Greengard
'See the Sunset': Mokulua Islands, Hawaii
‘See the Sunset’: Mokulua Islands, Hawaii

We bet you’ll want to ‘see the sunset’ after you check out this amazing live stream of the Mokulua Islands in Kailua, Hawaii. Also called “Lamikai”, which means “heavenly ocean,” this panoramic view displays a beautiful sight of the islets called Nā Mokulua – meaning “the two islands”. Many birds nest on these islets (Moku Nui on the left-hand side, and the other is Moku Iki), both part of the Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary System, which includes other offshore islands and rocks in Hawaii.

See the Sunset

‘See the Sunset’ is the name of our live cam/live video stream section that features amazingly beautiful sunsets from around the world. Check them all out on the ‘See the Sunset’ page in our Meditation Room section.

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