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Send Your Kids Back to School in Style

The day kids have been dreading all summer is quickly approaching. There are 79 million American students, from pre-school to college, returning to school this month. Fortunately, there’s a way to lift their spirits by sending them back to school in style. Cool school supplies can make the first of school seem a little bit brighter.

Here are some ideas that can help send your kids back to school in style:

Athletic Backpacks

If they’re a sports fanatic, they’ll love book covers featuring their favorite sports teams like the Lakers, Giants or Jets. Consider erasers that look like footballs, baseballs or volleyballs. Try binders that reflect their athletic interests like soccer and basketball. And you can put all the supplies in a sports team backpack.

Craft Backpacks

Do your kids have an artistic side? Help them express themselves with a backpack that they can decorate. Also, try giving them fun, crafting supplies like scissors that create decorative edges. Consider including blank book cover paper that they can design using Crayola’s new gel markers or color switchers.

Eco-Friendly Backpacks

If they’re young environmental activists, they’ll love an eco-friendly knapsack like GreenSmart’s design, made from recycled bottles. Consider filling the bag with green pencils like ones made from recycled newspapersoy crayons or non-toxic, acid-free, almond scented glue.

Musical Backpacks

If they have a love for music consider getting a bag that reflects this like a backpack covered with music notes. They’ll love paperclips shaped as music notes. Consider boom box or guitar notebooks. And the best folders to compliment these notebooks are ones that feature music notes and instruments.

Tech Backpacks

You can’t go wrong with fun electronics for school. They’ll love USB flash drives in fun shapes like Looney Tunes or Angry Birds. They’ll appreciate interactive alarm clocks like this one you have to chase. Consider novelty calculators in the shape of a piano or chocolate bar. Finally, you can put the supplies in a tech pack like this Rave one that lets you play music.

Bonus: Lunchboxes

If you’re looking to give the student an appetizing gift, consider a themed, stylish, or innovatively designed lunchbox. You can fill them with sweets for the occasion like blackboard cupcakes, apple cake pops or sugar pencil cookies. They’ll appreciate this delicious way to start the new school year.

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