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Serenity: The Relaxation App

Your mind, body, and soul relax when you see beautiful, peaceful, relaxing scenes. Ecotherapy is the powerful, healing response the mind and body experience when in nature.  Research shows us that nature reduces our blood pressure, lowers our heart rate and helps the body produce relaxing chemicals.

Serenity: The Relaxation App for iPad  is a perfect relaxation app. You immediately relax when you open this beautiful app. Find your personal Serenity app and tap into 30 beautiful, relaxing video and audio destinations. For example, as peaceful fields, soft rain, underwater worlds, thunderstorms over sleepy towns, brightly colored clouds of incense, fantastic vortexes and piles of sleeping kittens are types of images you will see.

Take a break at work, at home, or in your bath as you view and listen to the luscious sights and sounds of nature. This is a good app to open before bed. The Serenity app helps to relax your mind and body as its sights and sounds lull you into a deep, restful sleep.

For a fully immersive experience, use Serenity with any of your AirPlay devices. Watch it with your Apple TV or stream its high-quality audio to your AirPlay speakers to get lost in tranquility.

Serenity is the perfect sleep aid. Complete with a sleep timer, it’ll help you to get some of the most relaxing rest you’ve ever had through its beautiful sights and sounds.


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