Turn Bah Humbug into Ho Ho Ho’s

What causes the holiday blues?

  • Typical sources of holiday sadness are: stress, fatigue, financial stress, grief of an old relationship, loss of a loved one, over commercialization, unrealistic expectations and not being able to be with your family or friends at the holiday.
  • Stress responses may include anxiety, worry or depression. You may develop physical symptoms such as; difficulty sleeping, headaches, over eating, over drinking, headaches or backaches.
  • There are many “Bah Humbug” behaviors that cause holiday blues such as; problems sleeping, being short tempered, aggressive, eating more, physical symptoms, withdrawal or anger.

Fight the holiday blues

Learn to fight the holiday blues with these tips for coping with holiday stress and depression:

  1. Spend time helping others. If you are lonely, volunteer some time to help others. Even if you aren’t lonely volunteering is an instant pick me up. There is a condition we call “helper’s high.” As a result you will also meet like-minded people and new friends. Being around like-minded groups also improves your health.
  2. Try something new to cure your holiday blues. Celebrate the holiday in new ways. 1) Go to a new place to celebrate (2) Instead of giving a gift, write a letter or card to another and tell them what they mean to you (add something small in nature to attach to the card). (3) Try new foods. Try to add new foods from recipes you have collected from the year. Don’t stick to the all of the same old foods. This can be fun. (4) Decorate your home and office in new ways; try a new color or new tablecloths etc.
  3. Contact a relative, friend or old neighbor. Many of us have lost contact with old relationships. This will give you a boost.
  4. Schedule in time for yourself each day.  Practice stress reduction regularly by: breathing, mini meditations, guided imagery, affirmations, laughter, sing, listen to music or journal on line.

Google luck turning your holiday blues in holiday cheer!

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