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Summer Safety Tips for Pets

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Finding the summer heat unbearable? You aren’t the only one. Our pets can suffer in the heat as well, that’s why it’s important that we all take Mindful steps to keep your pets safe and cool during the summer.

Many animals suffer and even lose their lives in the summer heat because of unaware pet owners. Dehydration is a far too common problem. Cats and dogs can also suffer from burned pads due to the heat of the asphalt or concrete in the sun. Pets can even have heat strokes. In fact, every year many pets die of heat strokes when they are left in their owners’ cars for a long time.

To keep your pets safe, consider the summer safety tips listed below

  1. Water and water safety. Keep lots of cool, fresh water around the house, inside and outside, for your pets to drink. And if you decide to take your pet to a cool destination (like the beach or the lake), be sure to stay on the lookout. Beware of any dangers lurking in the water, as well as strong currents or tides.
  2. Poisons. Keep your cleaners, insecticides, and fertilizers away from your pets. Lots of pets, especially puppies and kittens, suffer fatal accidents or deaths when their curiosity leads them to explore chemicals used around the house.
  3. Pets in vehicles. Temperatures can reach over 150 degrees in a parked car in just a few minutes. Even if the windows are rolled down, the interior temp in the car can rise by 19 degrees in less than 10 minutes. That’s why it’s important to never leave your animal in a parked car during summertime.
  4. Shade and sunscreen. Make sure your pets have plenty of shade to sit under if they are outside. Get them a doghouse so they can stay cool if there is no proper shade for them. If you know that they will be exposed to the sun for a long time, consider pet sunscreen to further protect your pet.
  5. Asphalt and concrete. Asphalt and concrete can be very hot on the dogs feet during the summer. Please walk them in the morning or the evening when the sidewalks are cooler and you won’t chance burning the bottom of your dog’s feet.

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