Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa: Surgeon Saved Boy and Dog’s Lives

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Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa is a cardiothoracic surgeon with a great heart of compassion and love for animal care. When he was called to operate on a three-month-old dog with heart failure, he answered the call.

The patient was Max, a 1.2 pound Yorkshire terrier puppy. Tristan Moulton, who owned this very sick puppy, is fighting his own disease. He has spinal muscular atrophy, a terrible degenerative disease that has left him in a wheelchair. Tristan was thrilled when he received Max as a gift. They bonded and became inseparable. But soon their veterinarian discovered a fatal heart defect in tiny Max. A relative called Dr. DeLaRosa, chief of Cardiac surgery at Portneuf Medical Center in Idaho to ask for advice and help. Dr. DeLaRosa immediately offered to join Max’s local vet and perform the very dangerous long cardiac operation. The surgery went great.  Max and Tristan are now flourishing and playing.

Thanks to the big loving heart of our hero, Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa, these two little miracles are living together celebrating life. This is also a reminder that we should strive to “Live an Intentional Life®” and find purpose in our lives by positively affecting the lives of all creatures on this Earth.

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