Surprising Rewards of Gratitude

Gratitude makes for a happy life and this is the time we should be thanking those who mean the most to us. Research shows that grateful people are more optimistic and less likely to be depressed, anxious, or stressed. A professor from the University of Illinois at Chicago reports that grateful people may experience fewer stress symptoms like headaches and chest pains. Being thankful also makes us more self-confident and content in our lives.

Having a grateful nature is good for your personal relationships and your physical and emotional health. Listed below are five Mindful tips for having a grateful spirit this holiday season.

5 Seasonal Tips for Gratitude

Thank everyone

 Around the holidays it’s common for people to thank their loved ones for their continual love and support. But this sentiment shouldn’t be limited to the holiday season. Get in the habit of always thanking people, even for the little things. It will not only boost your mood and reduce your stress, it can also be beneficial for the other person. They may acquire a habit of thanking people as well; thus, gratitude can spread. 

Be grateful for what you have

We all have something to be grateful for, whether it is our health, our relationships, or our careers. Listing your blessings by hand can help keep you grounded and reduce stress. Keep a gratitude journal where you can write all the new things you are thankful for on a daily or weekly basis. Or create a gratitude corkboard where you pin pictures and lists of what you’re grateful for.

Stay positive

 Being grateful for the good things in life is only the beginning. It’s also important to find positives in a negative or disappointing situation. Seeing the negative things in your life as an opportunity for positive outcomes can help you become more grateful in life.

Set gratitude reminders

 Sometimes when we are experiencing holiday blues it’s easy to forget to be thankful in the chaos. That’s why gratitude prompts are so important. Setting up gratitude prompts can trigger feelings of gratefulness by reminding you of your goals and past obstacles that you’ve overcome. Consider keeping pictures of family or small mementos on your desk.

Five-minute gratitude breaks

 Taking a five-minute break is important for relieving stress, taking our mind off our problems, and focusing on good things in life. When you find yourself plagued with holiday stress, you can take a five-minute break to close your eyes and meditate on five things you are grateful and mindful for in that moment. Use these five things to keep you motivated throughout the day.  

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