5 Fireworks Tips for Pets

For Independence Day, many Americans will be celebrating with fireworks—from small ground fireworks in their backyards to major displays at their local park. While fireworks are entertaining for humans, they’re not so much fun for our four-legged friends. If your pet freaks out at the sound of fireworks, try a…

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mow your lawn with sheep, lawn care, eco friendly trend

Mow Your Lawn with Sheep

Throughout the years, mowing your lawn will cost you a lot of time and money. Fortunately, some innovators are taking a page out of history to find a better solution. Sheep are nature’s lawn mowers and hiring their services could actually help the environment. In recent years there has been…

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pet obesity, overweight pets, reducing the weight of your pet, pet diet

Pet Obesity on the Rise

Overeating is a dangerous problem for people around the world. Unfortunately, our unhealthy habits are starting to affect our furry friends. In America, there are 165 million owned cats and dogs. CNN and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention state that 55 percent of adult cats and 53 percent of…

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