Black History Month

It’s Black History Month! What historical African American hero do you admire most? Is it Harriet Tubman or Sojourner Truth, Benjamin Mayes or Martin Luther […]

Meet This Superhero Black Woman

Jasmine Crowe, founder, and CEO of Goodr, fills the media channels that echo into our world with her passion, brilliance, and determination to change the […]

Little Known Black Inventors

How many Black inventors can you name? Everyone knows about George Washington Carver and his peanut inventions—from peanut milk to peanut paper—but what about the […]

Fascinating Black Leaders of Today

Then you can thank the creator and executive producer Shona Rhimes. Shonda Rhimes is the “first African-American woman to create and executive produce a top-ten network […]

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Black History Year Round

Black History Month is coming to a close today, but that doesn’t mean you should stop learning new facts or commemorating heroes. African American history […]