Stress Management Tips for Children

Stress is a natural part of a child’s life. Children are very vulnerable to the stress in their lives. Children usually do not know that stress can make them sick, nervous, depressed, angry or withdrawn. Parents need to begin talking to their children at an early age and teach them…

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Easing Your Children’s Stress During a Crisis

Disasters are stressful for everyone and can be especially so for children there are several ways for easing children’s stress. Hurricane Irene swept across the Eastern seaboard this week bringing heavy rain and flooding to multiple states. A lot of displaced populations were creating stress and havoc for thousands. And…

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Overstressed Children Symptoms

Families, especially our children, are experiencing incredible levels of stress these days. Families the nucleus of a child’s life must address how violence and technology can impact the health of their children. Overstressed children patterns can lead to adult stress patterns as we mature into adulthood.Information overload can also be…

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