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Make Your Own Garden Flower Tower

Looking for a unique floral feature for your patio or garden? Consider a flower tower. With a few materials and free Saturday afternoon, you can make your own colorful flower tower. All you need are Mindful instructions. Mindful gardens are made with dedicated attention to details. This means adding a…

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Growing Strawberries Organically!

Strawberries are easy to grow in containers providing a few simple growing steps are followed. In this article, I’ll provide some basic tips for growing strawberries organically in containers: pots, planters, hanging baskets or any other type of container. Growing strawberries organically  means no use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or…

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Build Your Own Indoor Cat Garden

If you’ve ever had a house cat stare longingly out of a window, you’ve probably thought about letting them go outside. The fresh air, sunshine, and foliage would surely be good for them, but logistically, the idea is a nightmare. How do you protect them from loose dogs or parasites,…

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