Hostile Relatives for Holidays, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Network

Hostile Relatives for the Holidays

Millions of us look forward to the holidays, but there are some aspects of the season that we dread. The holiday shopping rush is just the start. There’s also the hectic traveling schedules, the high expenses, and of course, the hostile relatives. If you need tips for keeping the peace…

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natural anxiety relief

Athletics Heals Anxiety

Athletics is a natural anxiety relief. Exercise improves our mental and emotional health by releasing our body’s “feel-good” chemical, endorphins. Exercise helps us release built-up tension in a healthy way and helps us get a better night’s sleep. Individuals who participate in any type of exercise, including walking, experience great…

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Beware of Cyber Bullies, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Network

Beware of Cyber Bullies

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and it’s time that we put an end to this dangerous practice. While the internet is filled with amazing people and heartwarming stories there are always trolls lurking about. This month, take active steps to protect your mental wellbeing from cyber bullies. FOUR REASONS…

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Anti Bullying Campaigns Start at Home

Bullies have always been a problem at schools. In the past, kids were told that dealing with their aggressors was a part of life. However, in recent years, anti bullying campaigns have swept the nation. Legislation has been passed to protect bullied students. And noted public figures like Lady Gaga…

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Start School Stress Free

Start The School Year Stress-Free Back-to-school spending is expected to hit an all-time high this year. The National Retail Federation’s annual survey states total back-to-school spending is projected to reach $83.6 billion, a more than 10 percent increase from last year’s $75.8 billion. For many parents and children, it is an…

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Momhood A Balancing Act, Mindful Family, Mindful Living Network

Momhood: A Balancing Act

Mindful Tips for Working Mothers Are you a working mom who struggles with finding work-life balance? You aren’t alone and, fortunately, there are helpful tips that you can implement in your life to better juggle work and family obligations. Mothers are becoming the primary breadwinners of their families. According to…

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