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Is Cranberry Juice the Fountain of Youth?

From juice and jelly to cookies and scones, you’ll probably be adding cranberries to some of your favorite fall recipes this year. And as you’re adding the cranberries to your homemade dish you may ask your self, “What are cranberries good for anyway?” Well, a lot, as it turns out. In fact,…

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Cranberry Salad Recipe

Cranberries they’re fruity, they make a sweet treat, and they can prevent certain health complications, such as urinary tract infections. Add more cranberries to your diet with this delicious cranberry salad recipe! If you’re hungry for cranberries this may be the recipe for you. The recipe is listed below. Cranberry Salad…

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Berry Good Health

From juice and jelly to cookies and scones, cranberries are enjoyed in a variety of forms, which comes as no surprise considering that they are packed with fiber, vitamin C, and manganese. They’re also known to help with aging. With October being National Cranberry Month, it’s the perfect time to…

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