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    • world thinking day
      World Thinking Day
      Sisters Unite For World Thinking Day! World Thinking Day is a time for young girls and women all over the world to come together and support one another. The day is led by the Girl Scouts and the Girl Guides....
    • friend, friends
      Make a Friend Day
      Have you heard the saying, “you can never have enough friends in life?”  That is a true statement. Is there someone in your life that you have wanted to know better? Call, email or walk into their office and ask...
    • Just Peach Ice Cream
      Ice cream is a yummy summer treat that the whole family can enjoy. Making you own ice cream is half the fun! Here is a mindfully delicious recipe for peach ice cream. Even though Georgia is well known as “The Peach State,”...
    • National Farmer's Day, Mindful Living Network, Mindful Living, Dr. Kathleen Hall, The Stress Institute,, MLN, Alter Your Life
      National Farmer’s Day
      When was the last time you thanked a farmer? Every piece of food you put in your mouth was brought to your table by the hard work of a farmer. Many families commit their lives to serving you by working...
    • national honey bee day, bee day
      DIY Bird Feeder: Thoughtful Treats to Attract Wildlife
      Citrus is abundant at the tail end of winter and early spring. With some careful pre-planning, you can turn these peels into a creative DIY bird feeder to attract wildlife. When peeling a grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime, do your...

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