What’s with Raw Diets?

The word “diet” is less than appealing for most of us that are looking to shed a few pounds. That’s because most diets can be over complicated and tasteless. However, there are some nutrition regimens that focus on simple and tasty eating like the raw diet. What Are Raw Diets?…

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Tips for Feeling FULL-filled

It is important to eat throughout the day, but constant snacking can undermine your health. According to an American study, children are snacking up to three times a day. And these snacks, such as salty treats, candy, and sweetened beverages, aren’t necessarily healthy. Fortunately, with the right tips, you can…

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Shifting the Goal

I attended a parent meeting with the principal of my sons’ school the other day. He was focusing on the pressures that high school students feel when it comes to grades. “If I hear a kid asking how they can get their grade from an 88 to a 90, I…

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