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Life-Saving Renewal Rituals

What is a Renewal Ritual®? We race around in our busy lives and don’t take the time to check in or come home to yourself. We must create time to unplug from the world and plug into our inner ourselves. Most of us are overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed these days.…

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Why You Need Mindful Moments: Meditation

What is a Mindful Moment? Many of us are living mindlessly these days instead of mindfully. As we race through our busy lives our minds can race like an out of control train on its tracks. Our minds and bodies were not created to maintain our mental and physical health…

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Straws Are an Environmental Crisis

My friend, Laura Turner Seydel, has been an environmental Nostradamus, especially about the straw catastrophe, for many years. She has been foreseeing the crisis about straws unfolding before most of us ever heard of this bombshell. The straw disaster is now upon us but luckily there are plenty of eco…

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Does Self Discipline Kill Your Soul?

I receive daily inspirational quotes that I love from One I received the other day really threw me for a loop. “Self Discipline Can Kill Your Soul” “Too much self-discipline will discourage your playful, wandering imagination. It’ll snuff out the flames of inspiration and creativity. And it’ll weigh you…

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Live an Intentional Life® with the A.C.E.® Practice

To Live an Intention Life® means living with a strong purpose or aim, with the determination to produce your desired result. I believe there are three ingredients or components that are the foundation for living an intentional life. They are A.C.E. Awareness, Choice, and Energy®, which is easy to remember…

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Is Ego or Meaning Driving Your Life?

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –Thomas A. Edison Actor Geoffrey Owens Becomes a Victim of Job-Shaming Geoffrey Owens was an actor on the Bill Cosby Show many years ago for 44 episodes. After the conviction of Cosby his television…

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The Surprising Secret of Success is Patience

Many great people have believed throughout the ages that patience is a critical asset to cultivate for happiness, health, and success. This is what some great people have said about the virtue of patience. “Genius is patience.” — Isaac Newton “A man who is a master of patience is master of…

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