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      National Farmer’s Day
      When was the last time you thanked a farmer? Every piece of food you put in your mouth was brought to your table by the hard work of a farmer. Many families commit their lives to serving you by working...
    • love note day
      Love Note Day
      When was the last time you left love notes for those you love? This Love Note Day, spread love to your nearest and dearest. They deserve it! Celebrate Love Note Day Today, write a little love note and put it in...
    • The power of storytelling, Mindful Family, Mindful Everyday
      The Power of Storytelling Mindful Reading
      Storytelling is an ancient oral tradition. Cultures around the world used stories to preserve history and facts. Ursula K. LeGuin, a children’s book author, has said, “There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have...
    • national yogurt day, yogurt
      National Yogurt Day
      It is National Yogurt Day! Yogurt is a rich source of calcium and can boost your immune system. Some studies show that yogurt cultures contain a factor that has anti-tumor effects on animals. It is also a great source of...
    • popsicles, summer, fruity popsicles
      Money Management Begins with a Lemonade Stand
      A Lemonade stand is a quintessential summer activiti. Not only are they delicious ways to beat the summer heat wave, but they can also teach young children important life lessons. It takes a lot of pre-planning, creativity, and lemons to...

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